Texas native Chelsea Corona says she sort of fell into radio. “I was originally a Public Relations major in college, but did an internship at a local radio station and loved it. IChelseaCorona really blossomed there.” Now as producer and reporter at Network Indiana & WIBC-FM in Indianapolis, Corona enjoys reporting on local news in the area and likes the impact it has on the community. “We’re constantly giving people up–to-date coverage on what’s going on around them. We get out a lot of important information,” she says. “I especially enjoy educating millennials about what’s going on, and showing people that we aren’t all ignorant about what’s going on.”

As a young woman in the journalism industry, Corona says she tries to be confident and educated on what she’s reporting on. For example, while recently covering an event before Indiana’s primary, Corona was one of the only reporters to get the opportunity to talk to former presidential candidate Ted Cruz. “I went up to him and shook his hand, and he only talked to me. You have to do what you need to get heard.”

When she’s not on the air, Corona loves to be outside. “I’m pretty active. I like to play sports and hangout with my friends and family.” As a former college athlete, Corona says she loves everything about sports. “People learn great teamwork, leadership and time management skills. You can apply everything you learn from sports to your everyday life.” It’s no surprise then that Mia Hamm is the celebrity Corona would want to switch places with for a day. Though she’s only been living in Indianapolis for a short time, Corona believes she will grow a lot there.

If she had the opportunity to eat dinner with and interview any U.S. President, Corona says it would be John F. Kennedy. “He was a great man and great president and was taken from us way too soon. I would ask him, ’If you could see one thing change, what would it be?’ It would be interesting to hear what he would have to say to that and see if we have made any of those changes since his presidency,” she says. “I believe history would have been drastically different if he would have continued to be in office longer than he was.”

Looking ahead, Corona says the radio industry is constantly changing, and stations are looking for fresh perspectives. She also thinks radio will always be around: “You need it.” As for the one piece of advice Corona would give to new reporters who are just starting out? “Tell your stories. Don’t be boring and make it matter!”

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