Whether you’re in your first or fifth PR job, you probably remember what it was like to be the new guy at the office. Maybe you stepped back and spent most of your first few weeks observing your new coworkers, or maybe you took a more proactive approach to learning the ropes. In an article in this month’s Tactics, Memphis-based PR pro Ali Glemser advocates for embracing being the new team member and offers four tips to help.

  1. Step up; speak up: As you’re included in conversations about client work of specific projects, make note of your ideas. Do they match what others are saying in meetings or around the office?
  2. If you don’t know, then find out: Being new also means there’s much to learn, so rather than waiting for others to tell you about your role, own it. Pay attention to what everyone says, not just the boss and take notes.
  3. Take ownership of projects: With ownership comes responsibility, and accountability. While still respecting the chain of command, don’t wait for someone to assign tasks to you.
  4. Seek feedback with an open mind: Ask for feedback outside of scheduled review opportunities. Without overdoing it, ask others what they think of your work.

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