If you’re like us, chances are you have listened to NPR’s Serial podcast, or other popular podcasts such as This American Life or Freakonomics in the past year. It should be no surprise then, according to Nielsen that podcast consumption is on the rise among adults 18 and over. While it’s becoming more user and budget friendly to produce them, it’s important to remember to select the right content to include in a podcast. In a recent article, Nielsen takes an in-depth look at the lifestyles of just who is listening to podcasts.

Nielsen’s study found that “podcast listeners are equally male and female, with a majority being between ages 18 – 44.” Interestingly, podcast listeners are “44% more likely to be a college graduate, with an income that exceeds the national average by $12,000.” In parallel, most podcast listeners have a keen interest in their finances, and more than 65% of podcast listeners have some type of investment.

While some of us may listen to podcasts at our desks, Nielsen reports that the majority of podcast listeners enjoy the outdoors and an adventurous, active lifestyle. Therefore, often listening to content related to hiking, biking and camping. Additionally, podcasts on topics pertaining to health, fitness and weight-loss are among the most popular.

As media consumption continues to grow, it’s important to be able to truly understand exactly who your listeners are and what their interests are to ensure that you’re providing content they want to listen to. What topic would your organization produce a podcast about? Tweet us at @newsgeneration and let us know.

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