Cornerstone Montgomery specializes in comprehensive community and evidence-based mental health and substance use treatments and interventions. It serves more than 2,400 adults in Montgomery County, MD and transition-aged youth through their various programs geared toward empowering and transforming their lives. The organization offers residential and psychiatric rehabilitation, day and vocational programs, clinical support, residential crisis and studio art programs.

We worked closely with Cornerstone Montgomery on its #MentalHealthMatters campaign, which is designed to remove the stigma associated with those dealing with mental health issues by raising awareness through social media and sharing personal stories aimed at empowering the most vulnerable members of our community. We hosted events in Bethesda and Silver Spring for donors, reporters, and friends of the Cornerstone Montgomery community to bring people together, raise awareness of why #MentalHealthMatters, and show people how they can be involved in helping to better the lives of others.

Video is a powerful tool that helps evoke emotion in people. Along with Cornerstone Montgomery, we created a powerful series of short video clips of people explaining why mental health matters to them.

Heidi Webb, Cornerstone Montgomery’s Chief Development Officer, says, “Every good mission that is working hard deserves public support, but it is usually already there.” She recognizes that a good fundraiser knows how to utilize an existing audience base and make organic connections.

As far as what’s next for Cornerstone Montgomery, an integrative new facility is in the works. In partnership with Interfaith Works and CCI Health and Wellness, Cornerstone Montgomery is organizing, “The Shortest Path to a Better Life.” This comprehensive care facility will provide individuals in Montgomery County with all of the support and services they need under one roof so they can quickly build a healthy and self-sustaining life.

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