logojtiJUST TRYAN IT was founded by a group of Bethesda-area women who started running together to train for the Iron Girl triathlon, under the name “Just Tri It.” After the event, they learned that Mollie Darby’s six-year-old son Ryan had been diagnosed with leukemia. The group jumped to support the Darby family and changed their name to “Just TRYAN It” in Ryan’s honor. As a result, the foundation was born.

Childhood cancer can cause emotional and financial stress for patients and their families. JUST TRYAN IT seeks to ease the pain of families with children diagnosed with cancer by providing financial assistance. Realizing that there were so many parents at the hospital struggling to make ends meet, JTI wanted to focus the organization on supporting families as they go through the treatment process.

We are working with JUST TRYAN IT to build media awareness, by setting up interviews with race leadership and local reporters in the markets holding races this year. We are also working on JUST TRYAN IT’s social media efforts, to increase engagement and raise awareness and funds. The combination of media relations and social media is creating a wonderful opportunity for more people to learn how to get involved with the races, and donate to a great cause.

As a local organization, one of JUST TRYAN IT’s goals is to build a community-based movement that centers around kids and their families. The organization is sponsored by Landon School, where the group hosts their annual triathlons for kids in Bethesda. Kids from Landon and surrounding schools are the organization’s biggest participants. Last year, there were 18 kids who raised more than $2,000. Child participants range from ages six to 14. The goal is to encourage involvement when kids are young so that by the time they are 14, the importance of community activism is engrained. With the annual triathlon, the kids also benefit from the value placed on athleticism.

In 2016, the race expanded from Bethesda to Raleigh, NC and Baltimore, MD. A 2017 is in the works for Utah. For more information on JUST TRYAN IT and to learn how to get involved, visit justtryanit.com/. For updates and news, follow them on twitter @JUSTTRYANIT and like them on Facebook.

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