Many brands consume our market today. PR professionals face the challenge of product differentiation and attracting consumers to purchase their good. Brands must use storytelling techniques to attract brandspecific consumers by emphasizing their heritage. The millennial generation wants brands that will help them create memories and stories. In an article in this month’s Tactics, PR pioneer Gloria Rodriquez, speaks to the power of branding in our increasingly multicultural environment.

Rodriguez outlines the following key suggestions for PR pros to engage consumers:

  • Use storytelling techniques to connect the brand and the consumer
  • Satisfy the consumers by targeting specific cultures and generations
  • Speak to different cultures by emphasizing their multicultural backgrounds
  • Engage the consumers to create memories and brand loyalty

PR professionals must build a brand that creates these important memories by engaging the consumer through digital or print media, use your understanding of the market to advance the brand, and incorporate communications solutions in order to receive measurable results. Consumers value uniqueness and personability of a product or service. It is essential for brands to construct stories geared towards their consumers in order to emphasize the consumer’s culture. Creating an experience is important in developing and targeting brands to specific consumers.

It is essential for PR professionals to deliver their brand to target markets through storytelling techniques by making a more personal connection with the consumer.

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