We know 93% of adults in America are listening to the radio, and reaching a desired target audience through radio is incredibly effective. In a recent article, Nielsen looked at the radio listening preferences of dads in America. Not surprisingly, dads are heavy users of radio, with 91% listening on a weekly basis.

Courtesy Of Nielsen

Courtesy Of Nielsen

Specifically, dads age 18 and over who have children ages 12 and under report spending 14 hours a week listening to the radio. This allows us as communicators a great opportunity to reach out to these men with our messages. With the majority of dads working, the morning drive hours – between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. – are one of the most popular listening times. When it comes to the most popular radio formats, “Country is the top format for dads, capturing 12.2% of listeners,” according to Nielsen. After country, the next most popular formats are news, talk, pop contemporary, sports, and classic rock.

When comparing male and female radio listeners, more men report listening to the radio than women. According to Nielsen’s State of the Media: Audio Today report, of the 66.5 million millennials who listened to the radio in 2015, 52% were male, and 48% were female. And among the 57.4 million Gen X radio listeners, 53% were male, and 47% were female. Finally, of the 58 million Baby Boomers who report listening to the radio, 54% are male.

Nielsen’s research shows that this highly relevant market of dads is definitely listening to the radio. If you’re trying to reach them, are you targeting the right stations? What tips do you have to reach male listeners? Tweet us @newsgeneration and share.

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