Changing your major in college is something a lot of people can relate to. For WDUN’s Russell Brown, that switch is what led him to a successful career in radio broadcasting. Brown got his start in radio while he was a freshman in college. “I had a friend who had a sports talk show on our college radio station. He was looking for someone to come in and help him, so I did. I fell in love with it and ending up changing my major.” Since then, Brown has had the opportunity to work in both radio and television before hosting the afternoon news at WDUN. “When you’re on television, you have so many things around you. But in radio, you have to tell the story as is,” Brown says. “Radio gives you a little more range and flexibility in what you can say.”

Looking to the future, Brown thinks radio stations will need a strong online presence. “We have more engagement on Facebook,” Brown says when describing how he connects with his listeners. “One-way communication works great for Twitter, especially with breaking news.” Brown says he stays motivated by knowing that he has the opportunity to do something fun every single day. “It’s not punching a time clock every day. Every day is different. I’m coming in with a blank slate and I get to start fresh every day.” When it comes to helping younger journalists, Brown would advise them to “find a way to do everything and to learn from people. The future of radio is being able to do everything.”

When asked which celebrity he would like to switch places with for a day, Brown easily answers Vince Vaughn. “Everyone seems to like him and he’s funny. I would love to run in his circle of celebrities.” After spending time closer to Atlanta, Brown and his wife now live in Buford, GA, north east of the ATL. “I love the atmosphere, weather and sports here. I’m a big Georgia Southern football fan.”

As self-proclaimed “homebodies,” an ideal weekend for Brown and his wife consists of being out on the lake and hanging out with their dog. If he had the opportunity to travel to any country in the world, Brown says he would go to Fiji. “I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji, and it looks beautiful. I’m a beach guy, and want to see the clear water.”

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