With social media consumption growing daily, platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram have to continuously update and improve their functionality in order twitter-bird-1366218_960_200 to give users what they want. As people are starting to watch more video content, it’s no surprise that these platforms aim to provide the best way for users to share them. In a recent article in Social Media Today, social media consultant Andrew Hutchinson discusses some of the newest offerings from the most popular platforms.

Today, Snapchat has over 150 million daily users and Instagram is experiencing a 150% increase in video watching time. Interestingly, while these platforms are doing well in terms of video consumption, Twitter and Vine have both experienced a smaller increase in video consumption. In an attempt to reverse this trend, Twitter announced that it is increasing the length of videos users can upload from 30 seconds, to 140 seconds. According to Hutchison, Twitter is aiming to capitalize on the trend of providing additional room for creators to build context.

Normally known for its six-second videos, Vine similarly announced a new option to allow for longer videos. While the overall look and theme of Vine’s videos will remain the same, the new option aims to give their top creators more options to keep them around. Twitter also announced a new app, Engage, to help it strengthen ties with influential creators. The new app, designed for those with a large following, will allow users to stay more on top of their mentions. Additionally, Engage will also provide better analytics on tweet performance and audience. Finally, Twitter also added a new ‘Watch Mode,’ which will highlight content similar to what a user is currently viewing in order to boost on-platform video consumption.

With these new announcements and additions, it will be interesting to see if platforms like Twitter and Vine are able to catch up to Instagram and Facebook in terms of video consumption. What do you think of Twitter’s announcements? If you’re an influencer, would you starting using Engage? Tweet us @newsgeneration and let us know.

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