With the Republican National Convention in progress and the Democratic National Convention coming up next week, both presidential candidates are working hard to engage their key voters. One of those groups is young, Millennial voters. In the last two presidential elections, this group of voters came out in record numbers to vote. Looking ahead to this November, most political experts are questioning if Millennial voters will have as big of an impact in this election. In a recent article, Nielsen reports that looking at the radio listening preferences of Millennials can provide crucial insights for candidates trying to reach this audience.

According to Nielsen’s ‘State of the Media: Audio Today’ report earlier this year, 92% of Millennials listen to the radio each week. Specifically, Country is the most popular format among young American voters, with over 66 million listeners each week. Looking beyond Country, Nielsen’s report shows the second most popular format is Urban. Interestingly, listenership on Urban stations has risen 35% between 2011 and 2015.

When it comes to voter demographics, Country listeners represent a “larger share of Mild Republicans and a smaller share of Independent voters.” Within top markets, however, Democratic voters also report listening to Country. Among the different formats of Country, New Country stations have a younger listenership base compared to Classic Country stations. That said, Classic Country listeners on average tend to be more openly conservative, with “39% of the audience identifying themselves registered Republicans.”

Among Urban stations, listenership skews more Democrat. “More than 44% of these radio listeners identify as Super Democrat, Left-Out Democrat or Conservative Democrats.” Among this group, Left-Out Democrats make-up the largest percent of listeners, and often “feel very disconnected on many of the issues a campaign is built upon.” The article points out that local radio stations in the community can be an important place to reach these voters.

As the conventions wrap up and Election Day comes closer it will be interesting to see if the candidates increase their outreach over radio. One thing remains certain—radio is still one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience.

Stay tuned…