JeffPicNewsGen president and CEO Susan Matthews Apgood is pleased to announce the promotion of Jeff Gibbons to the role of Vice President. Since joining the company four years ago, Gibbons served as a Media Relations Representative, Operations Manager and Director of Operations. We sat down with Gibbons to learn a little bit more about what he likes best about working at NewsGen and what goals he hopes to accomplish in his new role.

After spending 18 years in radio, one of the things that drew Gibbons to working at NewsGen was getting the opportunity to work on the other side of the PR world. “It seemed like a natural progression. I was pitched stories for 18 years, and now I’m pitching stories.” For Gibbons, one of the highlights of working here is getting the opportunity to work on stories that impact people’s lives. “We put out stories that change people’s lives, it’s a good feeling.”

When it comes to what he likes best about NewsGen, Gibbons says it’s the overall team atmosphere. “I’d be nothing without the team here. If someone is struggling on a project, everyone gets together to help each other. It’s one of the strongest things we do. That team effort is engrained in everything we do, from the top to the bottom.” As he transitions into the position of Vice President, Gibbons hopes to work with bigger clients that are able to impact people’s lives and continue teaching and training the people he works with.

As for what he likes best about working with Apgood, Gibbons says he likes the open communication and trust that they have. “If she’s not here, she knows the job will get done. That trust is very important, it allows for everything to keep going.”

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