micRefreshing your public relations skills is vital for continued success. It is also important to address new methods of handling our clients’ situations in our technological age. The recent issue of PR Tactics published a series of articles covering the basics of the PR world. The authors, Stacey Miller, Deirdre Breakenridge and Steve Kissing, delve into the following strategies in how to run a successful PR business:

1. PR Basics in the Digital Age

Miller outlines the PR basics in the digital age in six different areas. For press releases, it is important to use photos, videos and infographics to engage an audience. In order to measure your work, use quantifiable data and analytics. Creating specific and targeted media lists requires social media use to broaden your outreach. Pitch reporters by using social media to engage with them, and again incorporate an element of multimedia into an email for an eye-catching effect. Engage your community by monitoring social media outlets and focus on what your audience wants and is receptive to. Finally, build a digital newsroom by keeping information up to date and include press releases, media coverage and blogs that are all aesthetically appealing.

2. Using Social Media for Strategic Planning

Breakenridge outlines ways social media can make your planning process more strategic and successful. Social media is beneficial in helping a company gather information about clients and connect with them on a personal level. Social media will help you learn about the market and competitors’ actions through data findings. You should use social media to make new contacts by monitoring influential members in a community. You can engage your audience and community members through different digital media outlets. Setting clear goals on what you want to achieve in the digital market will help with the planning process. Your social media strategy is important to address at the offset to engage your consumers right away and increase company exposure.

3. How to Keep Your Clients Happy

Kissing emphasizes how important client happiness is to an organization. One of the most important questions to ask a client is “Are you happy with me and the service I’m providing?” You must address any unhappiness immediately in order to try and solve the issue. Kissing suggests sticking to agendas when communicating with a client and remember that it is your job to serve the client. Client happiness will give you and your client greater success.

Following these tips may help your company become more successful, especially in this digital age. Communication techniques are constantly changing and it is important to keep up with new strategies.

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