As PR pros, when we have a successful project or campaign with a client, we’ll likely want to highlight it as a case study. When it comes to organizing case studies, PR and writing pro Ann Wylie offers a few tips in the latest issue of Tactics to ensure we’re highlighting our clients’ problem and results in the best way possible. Wylie offers the following strategies for writing case studies:

  1. Cover the desk-pounding moment in the lead: What caused your client to search for your solution?
  2. Describe the client in the background section: Don’t weigh down the lead with details. Save this for the background section.
  3. Summarize the need in the nut graph: This can be done with a quote from the client.
  4. Detail the problem in the first section of the body: Be specific: name names and number numbers.
  5. Outline the solution in the second section: You clients care more about their problems and results than about your organization.
  6. Wind up in the conclusion: Leave a lasting impression with a concrete, creative, provocative final paragraph.

Following these tips will help our case studies put the emphasis on our clients instead of ourselves. Do you have suggestions on how to write and organize case studies? Tweet us at @newsgeneration and share.

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