twitter-bird-1366218_960_200Attach away! According to The Verge, beginning September 19th, Twitter users will now be able to upload images and video without character penalties. Since the start of Twitter in 2006, every tweet is given a standard 140 characters. The characters are used for commenting as well as quoted tweets, medium attachments such as images and videos, and shout-outs.

To put it in perspective, one of these additions typically costs between 20 and 26 characters. Users will also be able to tag up to 50 other Twitter users. Freeing-up characters allows users to provide additional explanation to their favorite articles and pictures.

Twitter’s efforts to create a more open and welcoming environment prompted the change. They had discussed a dramatic increase earlier, but due to user feedback, opted not to. Twitter hopes that the additional characters will allow people to better explain their message, causing less confusion and “twitter-wars” in the future.

Twitter has also gotten rid of the need to add a period before the “@” sign when replying if you wanted your tweet to be public. According to Small Business Trends, “Replies are now broadcast automatically instead of only to those who follow both you and the person to whom you are replying.”

Stay tuned…