I could not get away from them: scrolling through Instagram, listening to Pandora, watching TV, searching the Internet. ADS! They captured my attention for a brief moment, then my day continued. But as time went on, I could not help realize that the ads I knew growing up were not the ads of today. Their products and promotions seemed unfamiliar, but the ads seemed strangely relatable. The new ads focus on holistic products and lifestyles. This blog examines different mediums being used as well as tries to understand the recent push for the holistic movement.

Growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s, my “Rugrats day adventures morphed into hanging at Chubby’s with Corey Mathews and the gang, every commercial break someone would always seem to run out of the same thing: milk. When they finally filled their empty cartons, the celebrities could be seen sporting their white, glossy mustache. And at the end of it all, they would ask me the same question: “Got Milk?”

The “Got Milk?” ad campaign, launched in 1993, promoted the drinking of cow’s milk. Goodby Silverstein & Partners created this series for the California Milk Processor Board. It continues to be one of the most popular campaign slogans, despite ending in February 2014.

Here are some sample ads from the campaign:

But now as I turn on the TV, I see it again. It was back, the commercial I did not even know I was missing plays on the 36” screen in front of me. The same glossy stash and an updated celebrity promoter gleamed back at me. But, something is off. It plays on and then it hits. The bolded, white letters I knew so well now spell a foreign phrase, “Do Plants.”

The “Do Plants” ad campaign recently launched a few commercials featuring Venus Williams and DJ Khaled. The ads promote drinking plant-based milk, such as almond and soy milks. Which are both produced by the Silk brand who funded this campaign.

Here are some sample ads from the campaign:

The messages are the same – drink milk—but the ads are worlds apart. The “Do Plants” campaign is not solely designed to promote a product. Instead, it challenges its audience to ditch the dairy industry. This shift of concern is becoming more of an issue for not only individuals, but companies as well.

Because of a constantly increasing population, the food and beverage industries are facing higher demands. Companies and farmers, trying to accommodate, have found that a new plan may need to be enacted. The resources needed to care for a pregnant cow and eventually the calf too, are depleting. Newly publicized studies indicate a correlation between increased dairy consumption and decreased environmental well-being.

Silk realized this and is taking steps to make “the world a healthier place.” The slogan challenges the audience to try something new – to do plants. Venus Williams and DJ Khaled relate to a large audience. Silk has also created a large movement on social media, using the #DoPlants hashtag. Silk lovers can also turn to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube to find the latest Silk news.

As social media grows, company usage of these avenues does too. Leaders are looking for the most effective way to reach their audiences. United, they can impact the world.

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