Nielsen LogoWith Election Day coming up, it’s no surprise that most people have been closely following the last few weeks of campaigning by both candidates. Whether through traditional media sources or online platforms, we are looking for news and information on anything to do with the election. And according to a new report from Nielsen, this desire for information has resulted in increased listenership on News/Talk format radio stations.

Earlier this fall, Nielsen released its portable people meter (PPM) for the fall, which measures listenership across different radio station formats. For the month of October, News/Talk stations account for “9.9% of overall radio listenership among listeners age 6 and older, representing significant increase from the same time last fall.” When looking at specific demographic groups, Nielsen says, “The 25-54 audience to the format reached its highest point this month (7.3%) in more than three years.” When comparing News/Talk listenership figures to the last election cycle, Nielsen’s report found similar numbers. Interestingly, Millennials represented a much higher share of News/Talk’s listenership this year compared to in 2012, making it it’s a great way for communicators to reach them.

What’s clear from Nielsen’s report is that Americans are continuing to turn to radio for news and information, illustrating how powerful a tool radio is to reach an audience.

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