tactics-employmentEmployees are changing their positions, employers, even fields at a rapid rate. Staying on top of your professional development is critical in that case. It’s also critical, however, that you challenge yourself to grow professionally when you’ve been in a position for a while.

PR and Marketing professional Lauren Marinigh says everyone is constantly striving to reach a new professional goal. “Professional expectations are constantly changing, and so is the definition of success or what will make you the ultimate employee.”

In her recent PR Tactics’ article “Keep Developing Your Skills (Even After You Land a Job),” Marinigh clearly identifies how to stay at the top of your career. She challenges the employee to take the initiative about professional development opportunities. Then she asks, “What will enhance your performance?” Some areas a person should focus on when thinking of this question are: difficult or challenging tasks that are asked of them; and how they specifically want to grow professionally.

To stay on top of our games she suggests seven tips for staying professionally engaged and challenged:

1. Read a book or professional blog
2. Participate in workshops or continue education courses
3. Seek out a mentor
4. Volunteer for events and organizations that interest you
5. Create your own blog or guest blog on someone else’s blog
6. Shadow someone in your organization
7. Request informational interviews

In sum, take initiative, recognize, reach, and continue to set professional goals. Now you are on your way to a successful career in whatever field you have your eye on!

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