Take a minute and think about that last really unique meal you had. Was it the flavors or combination of different ingredients that made it stand out? Chances are, you didn’t see the overlap between that meal and your role as a PR professional. In a recent article in Tactics, PR Pro Elizabeth Stoltz reflects on the PR lessons she learned working with food clients as a Ketchum Global Scholar in San Francisco.

Seated at the “chef’s table” at one restaurant, Stoltz noticed how “easily each chef moved through the kitchen, focusing on one task as they practiced mise en place, the French term of having everything in place.” Stoltz notes that PR pros can apply the same principle to our client work. As we work in an increasingly integrated space, using the mise en place principle can help ensure we have the right teams in place to deliver our best work to clients, whether that’s a social media campaign or a radio interview on a national network.

At a second meal, a combination of unusual ingredients caught Stoltz’s attention. Stoltz realized the different “ingredients” in her own life helped inspire her professional life. For example, a food and cooking blog gave Stolz ideas for new reporters and outlets to reach out to for her clients in that industry. Finally, Stoltz urges PR pros to take a few minutes to pause during the day, whether that’s making time for coffee with a co-worker or brainstorming during a walking meeting.

As Stolz’s experience shows, sometimes we can find PR lessons in unlikely places. What are some places you’ve found PR lessons? Tweet us @newsgeneration and let us know.

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