media-imageDressed in traditional Native American head dresses, hundreds stood and are still standing at the start of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The $3.7 billion project intends to extract oil and run it through four states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Indiana. People – especially Native Americans who were given land in the area – are protesting the plans due to regular spills, leaks and ruptures infamously in relation to oil pipelines.

Using sites like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, current climate campaigners can spread their messages with a visual additive. Since images have a powerful way of resonating with people, these sites are pivotal to campaigns involving more remote areas or problems that would arise in minority communities – such as the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Like pictures, words can hold enormous power to influence and educate. Throughout the year around 3.2 million people will die due to fine particulate matter – a type of air pollution. Fine particulate matter produces a hazy, fog in the air if levels reach an excessive amount. Spending only $4 per resident, The Nature Conservancy  concluded that millions of lives could be saved across the world. Trees not only produce shade which helps with a variety of medical ailments, but they also decrease pollution and extreme heat.

The Nature Conservancy did a far reaching earned media campaign around the release of this report to reach radio stations and networks across the country. They used words to draw pictures in people’s minds to depict the seriousness of the situation, and what pollution and particulate matter look like in our communities. An incredibly powerful story, it ended up earning media coverage across all mediums, bringing attention to this huge environmental issue.

Sometimes, organizations and causes cannot always provide an eye-catching image to depict their fight. Thus, organizations will create pre-written messages one can simply post on their personal social media sites. Either writing your own post and stamping it with the campaign’s hashtag or reposting an already thought-out message, social media is a key ingredient for most initiatives in the world. As the popularity of social media and our reliance on trusted traditional journalism grow, so does its impact on how the world perceives and prioritizes the issues within our planet.

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