Every March, millions of people across the country fill out an NCAA tournament bracket. Some with the goal of winning money, and others for office bragging rights. While 68 teams vie for a championship, the NCAA will take this opportunity to showcase all that they do for student athletes.

It is important the NCAA has people that can effectively get their message out to the public. Emily James is an Associate Director of Public and Media Relations for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. She recently talked to PRSA Tactics. When asked what is important to the NCAA, James says, “Academics are key, we’re here for the well-being of our student athletes and we’re here to serve them.” She also says, “There’s a lot of misinformation out about how the organization works, what we do, and what our core values are. So we need to make sure that accurate information is out there.”

A lot of people are critical of the NCAA for not paying their student athletes. If you pay the students, the sport would no longer be qualified as “amateur.” The beauty of March Madness is that the student athletes are playing for one another and the Universities they represent. So, while you watch your bracket inevitably go up in flames, remember these young men are having the time of their lives, and many are also receiving a free education in the process.

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