For many small medium businesses (SMBs) PR is an underappreciated tool. This can be attributed to various misconceptions about PR and it’s uses. In Ragan’s PR Daily, Tammiann How outlines the three most important reasons SMBs should utilize PR:

  1. PR can boost your offerings: SMBs typically focus on “upfront methods of gaining traction” due to their desire to connect with their local markets and community. However, PR gives SMBs the ability to “amplify and authenticate” their voice within their communities to draw in even more buzz about their products.
  2. PR affects a business’ bottom line: Often times, SMBs are unaware of the positive effects a public relations strategy can have on their business. The key to solving this issue is to emphasize the ability of PR to create long-lasting relationships between SMBs and their current and potential clients. Effective public relations strategies can build trust, visibility, and credibility for SMBs.
  3. An organization’s digital presence is paramount to success: In today’s technologically savvy society, most consumers turn to the Internet when first searching for information and recommendations, according to Enterprise Innovation. However, 59% of SMBs do not have their own website. PR professionals can work with SMBs to ensure that their products and services are visible and able to reach their target audiences.

Taking these three reasons into consideration, How believes that SMBs, along with the help of PR professionals, will together see the benefits of PR efforts.

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