In today’s competitive business environment, it can be difficult for businesses or organizations stand out. One surefire way to grasp the attention of customers is establish yourself and your business as a thought leader. In The Public Relations Strategist, Erica Tursi discusses not only what makes a thought leader but how we as PR professionals can help our clients become one.

What makes a thought leader?  A genuine interest in the greater good of the industry or specialty, a wealth of knowledge about relevant industry trends, and a willingness to take risks are all key characteristics of thought leaders. By showing a genuine interest in the greater good of the industry, you will also show your passion and desire to work towards a greater end. And a willingness to take risks keeps businesses moving forward and opens opportunities to target potentially unmet needs of members or customers.

How can you differentiate clients as thought leaders in their industry? The first step in establishing your client as a thought leader is to understand the industry, individual or company you are representing. This understanding will allow you to target more specific audiences and with strong messages. Second, being selective with opportunities allows you to establish a clear voice for your clients. And finally, being truly innovative with your thought sharing helps your client stand out against competitors.

Tursi believes that by implementing these tips, PR professionals can help their clients establish themselves as revolutionaries in their fields.

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