The 2017 Nielsen “State of the Media” report, which measures annual radio listenership across the United States, shows once again that radio is the most prominent platform.

Over the past year, 95 percent of adults ages 35 to 49, listened to the radio throughout the week. Compared to the 91 percent of adults in the same age range that consumed television, radio appears to be the ideal way to reach a target audience across every adult age range.

To put it into numbers, nearly 126 million adults ages 18 to 49 were reached by radio each week. And radio is only reaching more and more; in 2015, that listenership number was around 124 million adults.

Radio also gives the opportunity to reach a diverse audience, bringing in over 42 million Hispanic listeners and 32 million African American listeners in 2017. Similarly to the average weekly radio listenership, these numbers have consistently risen over the past three years.

While radio listenership is increasing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that listeners are only accessing audio through radios in their homes or in their cars. Over 104 million Americans accessed the radio through their smartphones in December 2016 alone, compared to 23 million Americans who listened through their personal computers.

The report also shows that 28.2 percent of adults ages 25 to 34 tuned into various podcasts throughout 2016. Comedic podcasts came out on top with 48 percent of the total listenership, followed by educational and news.

And once again, Country stations had the most listenership across the country, capturing 13.6 percent of the total listenership. News and Talk stations came in second with 11.1 percent of the total listenership, followed by Pop Contemporary and Adult Contemporary.

As we look towards the rest of 2017, radio keeps proving to be an ideal way to reach both a mass and a targeted audience. And making your audio available on smartphone-accessible platforms will bring in even more listeners.

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Source: Nielsen’s “State of the Media – Audio Today 2017”