Podcasting is such a hot topic right now. The majority of us listen to them, they’re becoming more and more readily available, and encompass a wide range of topics. Companies and organizations are also using them to communicate internally. But the concept is simple, and nothing new. Communicating through audio with your audiences makes a huge, lasting impression.

Podcasts take many shapes and forms. They’re about the latest political news, they’re about a murder mystery case in Baltimore in the 90s, AND they’re also hosted on companies’ intranets and websites, communicating to employees and being used as a recruiting tool. They’re used by medical associations to give a platform to their doctor members. They’re thought-leadership tools to show you have expertise in a particular area.

When we’re meeting with clients, we often get questions about podcasts: how they work, can their spokesperson be a guest on a podcast, do we produce them, do stations accept and air full podcasts, and how they can utilize podcasts internally. Here are the responses to some frequently asked questions about podcasts:

Do you pitch spokespeople to be guests on podcasts?

Yes. As part of a Radio Media Tour if you would like your spokesperson to also be interviewed on a podcast(s) we can certainly pitch them as well. While the formats of podcasts vary widely, many hosts interview subject matter experts on their shows. The tricky part is listenership. Right now, the listenership tracking technologies have not caught up with the speed the medium is growing. Developers of podcasts are able to find out how many people are downloading and listening, and they will often freely share that information with us, but listenership information is not available elsewhere at this point.

Do you produce podcasts?

Absolutely. Clients have been coming to us more and more asking us to produce podcasts for them to use. They’re using them on their websites, they’re using them to communicate with members and embedding them in newsletters, they’re putting them on their intranets to communicate with employees, and they’re putting them on their Careers pages to use as a recruiting tool. Our experienced broadcast team will work with you to develop a podcast, featuring your spokesperson(s), ensuring all pertinent information gets included, and is delivered to you in a fully produced package.

Do you pitch out fully pre-produced podcasts to radio stations?

No. Stations will not accept and air a fully pre-produced podcast. They simply do not have the airtime waiting in the wings to allot for a long form piece. HOWEVER, a simple way to get the benefits of a fully produced podcast and get media exposure on the topic, would be to pitch an Audio News Release from the content of the podcast. So in essence, we pull out the two most relevant 15 to 30-second soundbites, write a script to accompany them, then pitch that out to the number of stations/networks you would like to reach. In providing a proposal, we are happy to offer an option to include pitching an Audio News Release in conjunction with producing your podcast.

Would you like to talk more about podcasts? Reach out to Susan at sapgood@newsgeneration.com or 301-664-6448.