The past two years have been filled with unpredictable elections and outcomes, and changing media relationships and trends. With all of this uncertainty, making any type of prediction of the future can be difficult, especially in the ever-changing field of public relations. And yet, here it is, predictions for public relations and media trends for 2018 from Forbes and PR professionals:

  1. Growing Need for PR: Forbes contributor Robert Wynne gained insight on the growing need for PR from Nicole Rodrigues of NRPR Group who said, “PR Pros need to really step up their game when it comes to educating clients or potential clients about [the values of PR], while trying to land more solid results so less clients are disappointed and feel like they have to rely on digital marketing to move the needle.” Taking the extra step towards reaching out to potential or existing clients to discuss the value of your services will benefit both your business and your client’s business as well.
  2. Expanding Thought-Leadership: Establishing yourself or your clients as thought-leaders in their fields is a great way to stand out in the competitive business world. In 2018, the establishment of thought-leaders will go further than just CEOs and CMOs. According to Forbes, thought leadership will expand companywide as the best way to truly establish your business at the top of the field.
  3. Need for Specialty Firms: The fast-paced flow of news and information provided by the Internet and social media sites often times means PR firms and professionals need to think quick on their feet. However, no firm can specialize in every subfield of PR, and that’s why hiring specialty firms or professionals may be the best step towards producing credible, well-received content.

While just a few of the predicted trends for 2018, considering these three factors when goal-setting will help ensure continued success the remainder of this year and into the New Year. Expecting the unexpected, while always a necessity in PR, is even more important in these uncertain and unpredictable times.

Stay tuned…