Communities in Texas and Florida are still rebuilding after the devastation brought by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The late-August storms were two of the largest storms to hit the United States since Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. And where did residents turn for updates on the impending storms? According to a new report by Nielsen, they tuned into the radio.

Using their “portable people meter,” Nielsen tracked radio listenership across the country between August 17 and September 13. The results show a distinct rise in radio listenership in Texas and Florida during the weeks their respective hurricanes were set to arrive. Houston-Galveston’s market saw a 54 percent increase in listenership, while Miami stations had a 51 percent increase.

Radio is a media source that many people turn to, whether in times of emergency, or in times of normalcy. According to Nielsen’s Annual Report, radio reaches 93 percent of adults weekly, compared the reach of television to 89 percent of adults. Radio has the unique ability to reach large audiences and in a variety of places, in the car, at the office or at home.

Utilizing the reach of radio to share a message such as updates on an approaching hurricane, can spread communication beyond the reach of any other platform.

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