At this year’s PRSA International Conference, attendees watched presentations on creating world-changing content, finding success, and much more. Of the presentations, Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert, spoke about the power of customer experience and word-of-mouth communication. Baer says, “the key to business success is word-of-mouth communication.” This month’s PRSA Tactics outlined the key points of Baer’s presentation:

  1. Creating “Talk Triggers”: Talk Triggers, as Baer called them, are the backbone of word-of-mouth communication. But to be impactful, talk triggers must have four requirements. It must be memorable, repeatable, realistic and relevant. Baer also added that excellent customer service can drive customers to share word-of-mouth communication.
  2. Involving PR Professionals: According to Baer, very few companies actually strategize about word-of-mouth communication. There are five different types of talk triggers: empathy, usefulness, generosity, attitude and speed. It is important for PR pros to decide which talk trigger will be most impactful for your company.
  3. Making an Impact: During his presentation, Baer urged the audience to be different, saying, “being different is the secret recipe that will get you new clients.” Whether striking uniqueness in your personal brand, or your company’s brand, standing out against competitors will leave a lasting impression.

Baer also stressed the importance of incorporating word-of-mouth communication into strategic public relations plans. He said, “The best way to start is to observe your customers using your product or service.” Similarly, Bear says “a talk trigger is a strategic operational difference that is inherently worthy of conversation, which makes public relations a heck of a lot easier.”

So, the next time you are creating a strategic plan, consider utilizing Baer’s points and incorporating word-of-mouth communication for maximum impact.

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