In the latest issue of PRSA’s Strategies and TacticsStephanie Vermillion, account supervisor at Litzky Public Relations, tells us why it’s so important to maintain a balanced workplace culture while keeping employees happy.

Here’s a summary of Vermillion’s engaging piece, 4 Ways to Refine Your Culture in 2018:

“Focus on what matters most to your employees.” The first step in setting your business objectives for the year is to find out what type of activities your employees would like to engage in. Remember, every work environment is different, so it would be best to conduct a quick employee survey with the following questions: “What agency events do you enjoy? What do you wish the agency did more of? What do you wish the agency did less of? What’s your favorite thing about the agency’s culture? How would you change the culture if you could?”

“Start a culture committee.” After getting the results from the employee survey, give your employees the chance to create an internal culture committee in charge of planning events, celebrations and keeping an eye on the culture employees reinforced. Not only will this help you save time, but it will also give junior employees the opportunity to gain some experience in strategy and budgeting.

“Plan events that your employees want.” Make sure the culture committee uses the data from the survey you conducted and sets up a yearlong plan to keep budget and initiatives in place. And remember, “Equally important is not doing the things employees dislike.”

“Don’t overdo it.” Agencies don’t usually have the culture budget that can sustain many outings or parties, so focus on “quality over quantity.” There’s a balance between giving employees what they want and going overboard.

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