Telling a story is a great way for a brand to communicate its values with its audience. There are many different ways to tell a story, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules to follow when doing so. To maximize your brand story, there are six steps to remember, according to a recent PRSA Strategies & Tactics article, “6 Ways to Create Brand Stories That Connect With Audiences,” by Malayna Evans, Ph.D.

First, “remember the basics.” Good stories have a clear beginning, middle and end. The details are what bring a story alive. The second rule is to “make it visual.” People respond faster to visual information. Visualizing a story is very important when it comes to understanding the message. Thirdly, “turn up the emotion.” Stories that can reach people’s emotions will help stimulate parts of their brain. The fourth rule is to “tell stories about people.” Stories involving people and their problems can help your audience remember the story better. The fifth rule to keep in mind is to “write for your audience.” When reaching a broad audience, you must make your writing accessible. If the story sounds too corporate, it is sure to turn off readers and listeners. The sixth and final rule is to “consider interactivity and different media.” People prefer content they can see, hear and interact with.

People love stories and the brands that tell them. If you follow these six steps, your story is bound to connect with your audience. How will your brand use these tips to craft its next story?

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