Last week, the Indianapolis Colts experienced quite a public relations roller coaster. They came out on top, however, turning a PR gaffe into a true social media win.

Here’s what happened:

Tuesday, February 6: The New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels backed out of a verbal agreement with the Colts, after the Colts announced his hire.

Fans poked fun at the announcement on social media. One tweet even included a head coach banner with the time stamp: 7:59 a.m. to 4:34 p.m.

Wednesday, February 7: The Colts’ general manager Chris Ballard addressed media members in a press conference. He discussed that “the first pick isn’t always the right pick”, and that he wanted someone who is “100 percent committed”. Before walking away from the podium, he addressed the Patriots saying, “The rivalry is back on.”

Fans took to social media, again, now applauding Ballard’s confidence and transparency. All of a sudden, the PR loss was becoming a draw.

Sunday, February 11: The Colts announced a new hire: Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator Frank Reich. Reich just beat McDaniels in the Super Bowl…and, is The Colts’ new man.

Fans begged for proof. But, the social media team was ready. A photo was posted of owner and CEO of the Colts, Jim Irsay, and Frank Reich, holding The Indianapolis Star.

The Colts’ social media coordinator, Amber Derrow tweeted that night. She stated, “Social media is unpredictable. It’s hard to “win” every day. And when you fall, you usually fall HARD. If I’ve learned anything in this career it’s that how you bounce back is what truly matters. The internet forgets quicker than you think. Never let it ruin you.”

Steve Campbell, the Colts’ Vice President of Communications, weighed in too: “The key thing was owning it. It was unfortunate, but it happened to us, so you have to own it.”

I think it’s safe to say they did just that. Stay tuned…


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