KFC restaurants were forced to shut down in England last week because of issues with its new chicken supplier. People were outraged, as you can imagine— a chicken company with absolutely no chicken.  The KFC PR team pulled together a genius full-page ad in response to the so called Great Chicken Crisis.

The ad was a play on the letters of KFC.  It explained the mishap directly, apologized, gave thanks and was appropriately funny.

According to Inc.com, the PR team disclosed the issue, stating “A chicken restaurant without any chicken. That’s not ideal.” They also chose not to place blame on suppliers, but instead owned up to the mistake and addressed it by saying “we’re sorry.” The team further apologized for the inconvenience to both KFC team members and franchise partners.

KFC used some of the most appropriate PR tactics when addressing this crisis:

  • Address the problem head-on
  • Apologize, and mean it
  • Be grateful
  • Be funny

An update on the Great Chicken Crisis: 95% of KFC locations are back up and running, but rumors of gravy shortages are developing.

Stay tuned…