An important court case involving your client has just been decided. A major event has just been announced and you need to make sure organization is a part of it. A new policy has just been enacted that directly effects your association, and now you need to get your message out…ASAP.

That’s where we come in. With our quick response services, we can quickly and strategically get your message into the hands of reporters.

For sending sound bites out quickly, we can draft the script, record your spokesperson, target your audience and get the story to newsrooms in a matter of hours. Newsrooms thrive on being able to get up-to-the-minute news to their audience, especially when the news is breaking. For doing interviews, we can draft the pitch, target your audience and immediately start reaching out to reporters to set up interviews with your spokesperson.

These days, the news cycle waits for no one. Having the ability to get your message out while it’s still news is an important tool in being able to keep your clients’ or organization at the top of listeners’ minds.