A strong apology can minimize the news value of any situation. Today, it seems like a lot of situations are in need of better apologies. As a society, we write very poor apologies. And more often than not, it seems like those apologies are newsworthy themselves. Impulsiveness, narcissism, lack of empathy and bad advice can all take a toll on our apologies.

Paul Oestreicher, Ph. D., specializes in strategic communication and reputation management. In a recent PRSA article, he weighs in on how to effectively craft an apology:

  • Take responsibility for the situation.
  • Be genuine. For the audience to feel it, you must be heartfelt.
  • Use appropriate tone and language.
  • Choose an appropriate venue. Location, location, location!
  • Be timely. Delaying a response can be suspicious.
  • Announce next steps. Share how you will change.

As Oestreicher says, “Apologies can make or break a relationship, career or business. A thoughtful, considerate approach is the place to start.”

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