Since 1909, Mental Health America has been working to address the needs of Americans living with mental illness and promoting mental health treatment. As the nation’s leading nonprofit community-based organization, it has pioneered the prevention of mental illness, which most notable includes its philosophy called B4Stage4 (Before Stage Four). B4Stage4 encourages the early treatment of mental illness before the condition worsens. In its report, State of Mental Health in America 2018, MHA explored how many Americans have a mental health condition and who is receiving treatment. The results were astounding: 43 million Americans have a mental health condition and 57% of adults have not received treatment.

Because of the severity of these new findings, MHA and News Generation embarked on a radio media tour on the subject of “Before Stage 4 (B4Stage4) of Mental Illness” in order to spread awareness and address the importance of early screening. The goal of the RMT was not only to present these findings to Americans nationwide, but to also highlight MHA’s online screening program, which allows people (free of charge) to take anonymous, scientifically-based screens when they first notice symptoms of mental illness.

Paul Gionfriddo, president and CEO of MHA, was the official spokesperson for the campaign. For this radio tour, we orchestrated interviews between Gionfriddo and networks and stations in top markets across America. The story aired on multiple national networks as well as top-notch stations and statewide networks across the country, including the #1 News Talk Information station in Los Angeles.

What was most impactful was the amount of listenership the story garnered. More than 17 million listeners were reached in the duration of the radio media tour. Listeners all over America were urged to use MHA’s screening program and start thinking about the importance of mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

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