This guide is adapted from NPR’s guide for audio submission. We have tailored the tips to our work.

Radio stations and networks will often ask for spokespeople to record themselves on their smartphones during their interviews. As a result, we’ve compiled the following guide that explains how to record yourself and send the audio to us during your radio media tour, if a reporter requests.

Step #1: Open the Recording App

To record on an iPhone, use the app called “Voice Memos.” There is no need to download this app, as it comes preinstalled in the phone. If you do not see “Voice Memos” on your home screen, you can search for it in the search bar or look in the “Utilities” folder. To record on an Android, you will need to download an app via the Google Play store. NPR recommends using either Smart Voice Recorder or Creobe Voice Memos for Windows phones.

Step #2: Get in Position

While positioning yourself to record, either hold the phone up to your other ear, as if you were regularly talking on the phone, or hold the phone out in front of you. Make sure that while holding the phone out, the phone is 4 inches away from you. There is no need to use headphones for the recording, as the phones internal mic is great at capturing the sound, and, you will be simultaneously talking to a reporter.

Step #3: Start the Recording

To start recording yourself, push the red button located in the middle/bottom of the screen. You’ll know when it’s recording when you see waveforms forming on the screen and when the counter begins.

Step #4: Save it and Send it

While saving your recording, make sure to title it with your name and the date. After, open the file by tapping the recording and click the share button located in the bottom left hand corner (it looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it.) By choosing “mail,” it will attach your recording to an email. We will let you know the exact email to send your file too.

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