Nielsen recently released its Total Audience Report (Q1, 2018). The report looks at today’s media landscape for the U.S consumer across linear (TV and Radio) and digital platforms. Nielsen researchers found that nine out of ten U.S adults use linear platforms in the average week, with radio having the largest reach across platforms at 92%.

Nielsen broke down the weekly reach of radio across different demographics. It found that 92% of blacks and 96% of Hispanics tune into radio in the average week, which is the highest reach for these demographics out of all media platforms. Generally, Nielsen found that U.S adults spend over 11 hours per day connected to media. Radio usage remained consistent with prior quarters at one hour and 46 minutes per day.

The report notes how consumers are increasingly engaging with social media. On average, adults ages 10+ spend 45 minutes per day on social networking sites. Nielsen also analyzed the time spent on media platforms by age. It found that older adults ages 50+ spend over 12 hours a day interacting (reading, listening, watching) with content across media platforms. Younger adults ages 18-34 spent less than 9 hours doing so, however, regardless of age, radio consistently accounts for 14-17% of daily media use. This shift in young adult behavior was observed by Nielsen, finding that young adults 18-34 spend 43% of their time consuming media on digital devices.

Consumers now have access to many more device choices, and are interacting with these devices more frequently. Nielsen found that 90% of households with a TV have access to a smartphone and 64% have access to a tablet. Additionally, Nielsen also found that adults ages 18-34 are spending 150% more time per day using TV-connected devices than adults ages 50-64. Examples of TV connected devices are DVDs, Game Consoles and Internet Connected Devices, which are devices connected to the TV used to stream content such as Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. What we don’t know is if these adults will continue to use TV-connected devices as they age.

Stay tuned…