In recent edition of PRSA’s Strategies and Tactics, a publication that highlights strategic aspects of PR, an article explored ways in which companies can turn employees into brand ambassadors. The article, written by Stephanie Vermillion, mentions six unique strategies that managers can use in order to make sure that employees are representing the companies’ brand in the best way.

The first suggestion is to create a boilerplate, a description of the company that can be adapted into one’s own language, and encourage employees to include that in their LinkedIn profiles. This can help guide employees to use the proper messaging and showcase the company in the correct light. Additionally, the article suggests providing an incentive for new business, which can be anything from revenue sharing, giving employees a percentage of the new client’s fees or anything else that will incentive your team members.

Another suggestion – send your employees to conferences and events like professional development seminars to network with other professionals in your field. The article also stresses how important it is to include employees in the business planning and pitching process so that they understand what type of leads you are looking for so that they can start to look for potential clients in their own networks.

Along the lines of networking, the article suggests sharing an elevator pitch with your employees so that all team members will speak about the brand in the same way. And the most important thing you can do to create brand ambassadors? Create a good work environment for your employees.

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