In PRSA’s Strategies and Tactics’ September issue, Stephanie Vermillion writes about creating a successful PR team in all sized industries. She discussed three different categories to consider when adding new hires to a company’s PR team.

First, it is important for companies to look at where their teams have expertise and where their teams are lacking in expertise. It is important to find a potential new hire who can fill in the “talent hole” by being clear about what skills your team is looking for in order to diversify the expertise of your team.

Another category to look at for potential hires is leadership skills.  Having a combination of strong leaders and strong executors will help your team increase its edge and yield successful results.

Finally, teams need to look for both data-driven and creative individuals. Vermillion suggests that on a successful team there is a mix of both data-driven members and more creative members. Utilizing both types of team members will allow employees to connect and collaborate in order to achieve their goals.

Overall, hiring new talent for specific roles are important, but in order for teams to grow it is important to let team members grow as individuals as well. Companies will change and shift over time, and it is essential that strong and effective teams will do the same.

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