A new report from Nielsen, “Millennials On Millennials,” looks at the news consumption habits of Millennials. The amount of time Millennials, defined as adults between the ages of 21 and 37, spend with media continues to grow. According to the report, the news reaches 95% of Millennials.

While news intake among Millennials is rising, it’s the older demo (those 38 and older) who spend the most time engaging with news. The 38+ demo spends three times longer with the news than Millennials. The numbers do favor Millennials when it comes to digital news. Digital news reaches 80% of adults 38 and older in a month, compared to about 88% of Millennials.

Even though radio news has the lowest monthly reach with Millennials, at 23%, their time spent listening to radio news actually exceeds both digital and TV news at nine hours per month for radio news, compared with three hours for digital news and six hours for TV news.

Both Millennials and the 38+ demo take in news on their mobile devices the same amount. Another great way to get have your news reach an audience is through their smart phone, as mobile consumption reaches 30% more digital news consumers than desktop, and a third of Millennial news viewers are reached only by digital news. The “Millennials On Millennials” report provides an interesting look at the ever-changing media landscape.

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