It’s that time of year again! Fall, a time for hot drinks, cozy sweaters, changing leaves and the beginning of a new season of network TV shows. In a recent article by Radio + Television Business Report,  many networks are advertising over the airwaves to get people to tune in. With new shows premiering on all the major networks, CBS, ABC and Fox found the key to advertising new shows is on the radio. ABC, CBS and FOX all utilized radio spots the last week of September, which CBS alone paid for 23,000 spots on various radio stations throughout the country that week, therefore, landing these three media giants at numbers 4,5 and 8 respectively on Media Monitors’ national radio top Ten list. For all three networks combined there were 85,391 spots on the radio for tv shows in the last week of September alone.

The key to this advertising success is having audio reminders for viewers to become interested in new shows premiering on the networks. It is a recipe for success for all three networks to purchase radio spots to promote their upcoming series.

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