Media streaming service Netflix is known for its variety of TV shows, movies and original content. Some of its most popular content is its own programming, including Stranger Things, House of Cards Orange is the New Black, Fuller House and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But, according to a recent Forbes article by Alan Wolk, as the streaming service is set to roll out $8 billion of new programming, it will become increasingly more difficult for Netflix to advertise and deliver content to viewers. This issue of tracking if the audience has seen or engaged with new content will cost Netflix over $2 billion. This will be extremely expensive, but that is only part of the issue. Another factor is competition.

Netflix was the first major online streaming service, but recently Hulu and Amazon Prime have garnered more subscriptions becoming major competitors for Netflix. According to the Forbes article many other major media brands will be releasing their own streaming service in 2019, including, Disney with Disney+, Warner Media, and Apple with Appleflix. While many of Netflix’s own shows and movies have become fan favorites, these shows will be “net new” where this programming will be completely new to audiences.

In order to gain a larger audience while maintaining its current one, Wolk says Netflix will need to account for time to develop an audience, gain more buzz and have customers add these new shows to their own lists of shows to watch. The result? These streaming services will not have as many hit shows or movies, and shows will most likely not make it past the first season mark. Wolk also says that because there are so many more competitors in this industry than ever before, there may not be any hit shows of 2019 like we saw in 2018. Next year’s programming will be more competitive than ever before to see who makes it past Season 1.

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