We have been proud supporters of JUST TRYAN IT since 2014. JTI works to raise money to help out families with children with pediatric cancer. One of the big ways it does so is raising money and teaching philanthropy through kids’ triathlons. Especially during the holiday season, we’re thrilled to be supporting this great organization.

What you can do: Head over to our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to retweet and share our post about JUST TRYAN IT. For every retweet/share the posts get between now and January 15, we will donate $10, up to $2,500.

Families fighting cancer often find themselves unable to make ends meet at the end of the month. If applicable, families receive support through JTI’s direct financial assistance program for everyday living expenses. This assistance is managed by JTI’s partner, Family Reach, with close oversight by JTI. Thirty-five percent of contributions go to single parent families. Thirty-two percent are surviving on post-diagnosis income of less than $24,250.