When you think of a veteran, what do you think of? Nearly one in ten Americans is a veteran and the veteran community is becoming more diverse by the day as more women and ethnic minorities continue to enlist at higher numbers.

When it comes veterans as consumers, there are nearly twenty million across the U.S. Their distinct consumer habits are important for companies and brands to pay close attention to. A recent report from Nielsen, Beyond The Uniform: A Look At Today’s Veteran Consumers, found some interesting insights when it comes media usage of veterans:

  • Veterans are 23% more likely to be heavy viewers of television and 12% more likely to be heavy readers of newspapers than the average U.S. adult;
  • Veterans are also avid traditional radio listeners, as 25% listen to the news/talk format, 20.2% listen to country and 19% listen to adult contemporary;
  • More than 57% of veterans say they typically watch movies on television, 54.2% watch the local evening news, and 42.3% watch documentaries
  • Nearly one-fifth (18.8%) of veterans say they spend one to two hours in an average day on social networking sites – on par with total adults in the U.S. In addition to a penchant for social networking, veterans also turn to the internet/apps for search engines, career/job seeker sites, video content, sports, banking and national news.

The findings show that veterans are inclined to use traditional media platforms, radio, TV and newspapers.  They also show that veterans spend a lot of time on social networking sites, and rely on the internet for search engines, career sites, video content, sports, banking and national news. Companies would be wise to take notice in these trends so they can anticipate what’s around the corner for this ever-changing diverse group of men and women that have served their country.


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