When you are planning your media outreach, there’s one audience that you may not be thinking of that could significantly improve your results. According to Nielsen, 98 percent of Hispanics listen to radio each week – that’s an audience of 42 million radio listeners.

As a group, U.S. Hispanics are younger than the general population. Research has found they are heavier media consumers in general, and they have a clear interest and use of emerging technologies, especially in terms of finding additional functionality for devices they own.

We talk to Hispanic reporters and producers every day and they are always looking for content for their audience. Health, finance, education, and technology are some of the topics that really resonate with their audience.

At News Generation, all of our services, from radio media tours and satellite media tours to audio news releases and public service announcements, can all be easily conducted is Spanish.  We can also specifically target the top Hispanic markets to make sure your message is getting heard.

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