There are different approaches to storytelling. It’s important to have a memorable ending so that your message or story stays with the reader. A recent PRSA article by Ann Wylie discusses three different ways to end a story.

The first approach, is to close with a sound bite. When closing with a quote, make sure it isn’t full of jargon that will confuse the reader. A strong quote is concrete, creative and provocative.

Projecting into the future is another way to end a story or article. Looking ahead leaves an impression that will last with those who read it. Ending with an optimistic look into the future will invoke positive feelings from those who read it.

The third type of way to end a story is to make it come full circle. You want the readers to be satisfied, so make it clear to them that they’ve moved from the beginning of the story to the end. It helps to have a kicker that will have a lasting impact. A catchy kicker gives the reader something to remember the piece by.

There are no clear right answers when it comes to how to end a story, so it all depends on which writing devices you’re most comfortable with. The goal is to have the article stick in your audience’s head and heart, something that “rewards” them for reading the whole piece. How will these different writing techniques change the way you end a story?

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