Almost anyone in the news industry can tell you that the cycle never stops, especially during an emergency. Unfortunately, many radio stations are cut off from their listeners due to technical issues during emergencies but new technology might make this an issue of the past. According to a recent article from Insider Radio, new technology is enabling radio stations to broadcast from the cloud.

Zetta Cloud, launching as a beta form in August, is an emergency cloud-based radio system that would allow radio stations to continue programming in the case of a technical or weather-related emergency. Zetta Cloud uses replication technology that allows users to store audio files ranging from voice tracks to music playlists. The cloud-based system can be launched from any remote location with internet access which would allow radio stations to continue programming when technical issues arise.  The system can also record emergency messages and have them on the airways within three minutes.

As Zetta Cloud and other cloud-based systems develop for the radio, listeners will continue to find new and convenient ways to connect to their programming-even in times of emergency.

Stay tuned…