Top ten lists are compiled on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis by Nielsen in order to track what we are watching, hearing and playing. We thought it would be interesting to check in on what those lists include every once in a while. Here is the latest from June of 2019.

What was big in the digital world this week?

Nielsen is currently collecting data that indicates how people are spending their digital time. In order to collect these measurements, Nielsen produces weekly, monthly, and quarterly lists that rank the most popular digital experiences for Americans. These digital experiences range from watching television, to downloading music, and playing video games. Recently, Nielsen was able to measure and determine what the top “digital experiences” have been for users across the United States for the start of June 2019.

What did Americans watch on TV?

As the summer begins, the NBA Finals is also underway and on top of television ratings across the country. During the first week of June, the 2019 NBA Finals Games three and four had almost 20% more viewers than other programs from the week. Game three of the 2018 NBA Finals topped the weekly TV list for with more than 13,000 viewers and a viewer rating of 7.8. Ratings are the percentage of TV homes in the U.S. tuned into television. Game four of the NBA was close behind Game three with just under 13,000 viewers and a viewer rating of 7.6. The June 4 episode of “America’s Got Talent” finished third overall with just under 10,000 viewers and a viewer rating of 5.8.

What were the most popular songs last week?

There were quite a few changes in the “top downloaded songs” list from the last week of May into the first week of June. Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Old Town Road” continues to be the top downloaded song in the nation. John Rich’s and The Five’s song “Shut Up About Politics” shot up the chart from being the 20th most downloaded song in the country to the second . It bumped Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s “I Don’t Care” from the second most downloaded to fourth. Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” remains at number three.

What were the most popular video games?

According to the rankings, video gamer players are following television viewers and leaning more into sports games. EA Sports Madden 20 now ranks as the number one “Next Game to Buy.” The longtime NFL game knocked the previous top-rated video game “Super Mario Maker 2” into a third spot tie with “Borderlands 3.” Both games are behind “Mortal Kombat 11” in the second spot on the rankings.

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