Do you listen to podcasts? Who do you envision as other podcast listeners? Nielsen delved into these questions and more in its new Nielsen Audio Today 2019 Report. The breakdown gives podcasters a great insight into who their listeners are. Nielsen’s findings reveal a different podcast audience than many hosts and podcast creators had envisioned.

While most podcasters had expected their audience members to be comprised of young and single millennials, Nielsen’s findings reveal that the listeners are actually older and mostly living in households with other people. Nielsen’s report found that the average age of a typical podcast listener is close to 39 years old. The report also found that the average podcast listener usually lives in a household with multiple people (an average of 3) and earns an average yearly income that is close to $96,000.

Men make up around 57% of a typical podcast audience compared to 43% for women. The podcast audience was found to be overwhelmingly white with close to 67% of listeners identifying as white. Latinos make up the second largest podcast listening demographic with close to 15% of listeners identifying as so. Podcast listeners are also a loyal radio audience, with over 90% of respondents saying that they listen to radio on a weekly basis.

Washington D.C. is the city with the most podcast listeners, with close to 47% of the D.C. population claiming to listen to at least one podcast a week. Seattle and Salt Lake City were the second and third “most podcast friendly” cities with 45.5% and 44.5% of residents saying that they listen to at least one podcast a week.

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