Trends in connecting with consumers are constantly changing. TechHQ’s recent article, Future Trends in B2C Communications, discusses the possibilities of communication by text and through various social media outlets.

New platforms entering the market include the next generation of SMS, called Rich Communication Services (RCS). RCS is an internet-based messaging system similar to iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Google has recently started to include RCS with its newer phones, but it is not totally encrypted, which is a turnoff seeing as it opens up threats to privacy. TechHQ recommends holding out before using RCS technology and waiting for advancements that need to be made in the technology before widespread implementation.

The ever-growing list of social media sites makes it impossible to contact all of your customers at once. If a business really wants to communicate to its customers through social media, it must be prepared to fragment outreach and use multiple outlets to ensure the largest reach possible. TechHQ recommends, “Choose your platform(s) according to demographics/geography. Go visual (images and video) for 8-18 months, think now about AR, VR and how your video content can be different from your competitors’ in 2020.”

It is also extremely important to recognize issues with data collection sophistication. Hyper-personalization has become a staple in many marketing plans, but be careful, seeing as widespread use of tracking cookies could put off potential customers.  Privacy and anonymity are becoming increasingly important to consumers. TechHQ recommends making a plan now and going the extra mile to protect customer’s privacy.

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