In cafe caucasian chatting coffee coffee cup coffee shop communication photograph black and white photography monochrome photography conversation girl monochrome furniturepublic and media relations we are always talking about strategies. Our goals for campaigns, media tours, and events for our clients are at the center of what we do as communication professionals.

In the latest issue of PRSA’s “Strategies & Tactics” the focus is on company culture and what we can do to improve our work environment and promote a healthy culture in the workplace. The article,”Bringing Your Company to Life: 8 Strategies to Create a Strong Culture,” shows the importance of evolving culture to help the overall flow of your business.

Some of the most pertinent points from the article touch on the principles that we say we have, but might not actually use in practice. Primarily, don’t hide the culture that you’re aiming to build. Hang pictures, use bulletin boards, and most importantly, keep the discussion open. Make your goals clear and define what you stand for. This way, employees will feel comfortable talking to upper management about any of their concerns. It also aids any incoming employees when first starting to more understand the culture of the company as a whole.

Step back a bit. Let your employees lead and encourage learning. This way, not every single thing is dependent on you. Not only will this allow you to have more free time to focus on building your business, but it will also empower employees and make them more open with you to suggest things. And it doesn’t have to be about a work-related project. It could be a simple request to host an office wide food drive.

Company culture bonds us together and plays a pivotal role in satisfaction in the workplace. Growing together as a group will improve upon the business as a whole.

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